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First a witch, then a child, then a prince, than a moment, who can live in the woods?

Wayne is waylaid by Project Manager Dude and drug off to a 9:30 meeting. I ask if they need doc coverage for Wayne to let me know (since I haven't seen anyone else.) PMD assures me when I get there that MLH has the meeting well in hand, and although I never saw him show up (ie: he was late), he and da boss apparently did both show up.
I don't know why this made the list, but I remember being very embarassed about it this morning. No reason why I should be. Compared the rest of the day, it's positively tame.

Bill comes by and stops at my office. He's making chit chat, building up to whatever question he wants to ask, so I figure I should make it easy on him and ask him what he wants. He says, "I don't only come by if I want something!" Yes, you do. He seems very hurt by this and storms off in a huff without telling me what he wanted. I assume he asked someone else. See how cynical I am? We made it up later, and both apologized, but he had the temerity to tell me its not my fault if I never notice him talking to me when he's not making a request. Grrrrrr.

I'm helping lain_mac with some cc problem, and I've dragged in solies to help. MLH comes by. How long had it been since we've had a good MLH story? He starts lecturing Laina about what she should have done and how she should have waited and how he knows she did the best she could under the circumstances, but it's so much better if she gets his help for these things...etc. while I'm trying to get the answer to a question. After some number of attemps to interrupts, MLH starts answering the my question, but he works it back into his lecture both resuming the lecture and not answering my question at the same time. Laina is trying to respond to him. I interrupt again and get Laina attention, but he just keeps marching on answering the question I'm not asking. I try three or four times to correct the question or steer him towards the answer I'm looking for but he keeps talking and not listening to me a whit. I finally yell "Shut up!" He's taken aback and tells me that he doesn't have to listen to me, I'm being "rude and unprofessional" and he doesn't have to take that.
I try to explain that if he'd just listen, I'd explain what I need.
He begins to lecture me on how he doesn't have to listen to me (okay, I'm not sure that's exactly what he said, and continues to try to answer the question without understanding it and he explains how I don't understand the situation. WTF? I created the situation! I say sarcastically, "Of course, becuase I'm looking at it on the screen, I'm clearly too stupid to read what it says!"
And he says, "I didn't say you were stupid. You're very intelligent, but..." Finally he realizes the smart thing for him to do is retreat. So he does. Technically that ends this story, but for completeness sake, I'll do some wrap-up.
On the Issue: I explain to Laina what I need, and we decide that the truth of the matter is we don't know the answer, we need release engineering to tell us where they get their files. So we look for the releng guy, but he's in a meeting so we write him to ask him where they're getting their data from with the list of the possible options. He doesn't like any of them so he renames the location he's using to something he likes better and we change things. MLH oddly enough comes by during this period again and continues his lecture about Laina should have done things differently. Then he shows her how to use the version tree. (which is funny because she was just showing me something in the version tree moments before.) Neither of us point out that we both already know what he's trying to tell us, because it's easier or we've stopped lsitening, who knows?
And on MLH: While away at a meeting I talk to Irv (who is the coworker mentioned as the one who has the religions) and in his gentle way, he compels me to quell the answer, be humble like the matza and apologize with an open heart for telling him to shut up. So I do. MLH accepts with grace and apologizes for butting in. And as I'm writing it, the irony strikes me that he agreed to this scant 2 hours before we aforementioned return. Well, at least my apology was both sincere and solidified by my refusal to get angry again when he returned.

My houseguests for tonight-Wed are stuck at O'Hare.
My parents can't find their plane vouchers without which they can't come and see me this week.
I am going insane quickly.

and I'm out.
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