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Nut job

So the COO/CEO (day to day operations running dude) at our company meanders by my office while lain_mac and I are discussing the qualities of the development reviewers and ranking them on a scale. He looks in at us and we offer him candy. He tells us he can't eat that stuff, so Laina offers him the low carb candy. He seems suitably impressed and is persuaded to take some pistachio nuts (which are not low carb candy, but they are low carb.) Then our Patrick Warburton comes by and they go off to their meeting. Our PW beams at us like he's vaguely pleased that we've made a decent impression. Or it could just be a pasted on smile like "why are my peons talking to him! Please stop!" although it's hard to tell with him, he's usually smiling, even when screaming.
Went looking at furniture last night. I actually think I saw some things hoppie wouldn't hate. I hope so.
Why do people always answer the "duh" question? Someone makes a statement like (and I'm sorry to have to use a real example, I don't have the creative energy to make up one. If you're reading this and you're offended because I used your question, believe me there are many worse things about your life right now that I could pick on. Don't tempt me.) "and I am almost happy because I was able to regularise most of my bills. I had...[debt for] unforseen maintenance on my car."
So I asked, "How did you do that?"
And he starts to tell me what maintenance he had done to his car. Like it's so hard to figure out that car dealers rook you for everything, and it doesn't really matter what maintenance you've had done. I barely remember what kind of car he drives, why would I care what he had done to it vs what he expected to have done to it. I'm vaguely curious about the method he used of getting out of debt, debt consolidation? debt counseling? killing off an elderly relative for the inheritence? Turns out he worked overtime at work. Not particularly interesting, but at least a reasonable answer.
If hoppie is still reading this, he's nodding because I do this to him all the time, I answer some random question tangetially related to what he wanted to know, because it's the last thing I ended up thinking about after he spoke to me. But at least it's spoken, not written.
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