awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Today I assembled the last of the unassembled furniture in the house. A bookshelf which I have placed next to my old desk on my office. I think this now means my office has the single most amount of furniture in any room. Lets compare. My office has 2 desks, two chairs, 2 bookshelves and a CD rack. The other room with lots of furniture has 1 sectional sofa composed of many peices, but lets not count them all separately, 3 bookshelves, 4 video shelves, fine, so my office doesn't have all the furniture, but it's not for want of trying.
Now I have to make progress reshuffling books from floors to shelves. I think I can at least get all the books on the floor of my office up. And then I'll hav eto start assembling library shelves to make progress on the library. Then I move the rug from the dining room into the library, add some fluffy chairs, and it's a party. Ah, ambition!
My next goal for the morning is to get data off a bad ORB disk onto my mac. Once that's done, I can toss the orb disk, maybe by a new one or maybe not, but at least I have the data. Point is, I don't care much about recovering the disk for long-term use. Currently my Mac can't see it all, but I'm hoping I can get the PC to see it enough to let me run some disk tools on it. I dunno. it's probably a lost cause, but I'm really hoping it isn't.
Meanwhile the Howler is mostly done. Nothing left but the Greta/Gilderoy article and the advertisements. It will be four pages of yummy goodness.
Tags: chores, house, rpg

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