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"Carm's" school dreams

I'm going to try to get down as much detail as I can remember.
It started with me getting ready to go to a new school. I was high school aged. The first thing that happened was that I got a test in, I don't remember the subject, but it appeared to be political science, or since I think it was a "C" subject, "Civilizations," maybe? But I don't remember exactly.
The first section of the test was all short answers and there were about 20 of them. The remainder of the test were two essay questions, first one no less than 200 words, the second no less than 400. At first I was pissed because I felt like the students got the chance to really work on it, while I only had time between classes, but then I realized that I could work on it longer, if not all at once. I finished the short answer and answered the first essay question, but then realized my answer was too short. I was writing in a spiral notebook (this comes from the fact that we were talking last night about one of hoppie's old teachers who couldn't stand reading paper that had been pulled from a spiral notebook with the jagged edges and suchlike) that changed sizes. First it was standard, then it was half size, so only about 100 words fit on the page, I guess it was blue book sized. Anyway, I then typed up two more paragraphs and changed the order of them (I ended up numbering the paragraphs and thinking I was going to have to rewrite it, but I never got the time, nor did I have time to write the second essay before the next day and the new school.
The school was near BU (although in the dream, I'm not sure if I noticed.) The street came to one of those typical Boston intersections where three or four different streets meet. We ended up walking around to the backside because something was going on around front. The back of the building was lower than the front. So set into a hill? I walked in with my friend Judy and some others. The way in was complicated and now I only remember part of it (even though I traversed it a couple of times in the dream). So I walked in, went up the fire stairs, walked on a ledge over the courtyard (so it was covered, but felt outside), into a full sized window, then down a hall to the classrooms? I think we might have had assembly first and I apologized for the condition of my homework, both not being finished and having ripped it out of a spiral notebook. He assured me it was fine, I could finish the second essay later.
Then me and a couple of other people (all of whom, like Judy, I went to HS with, although Judy was MIA at this point.) went back through the way we'd come in to head to the lunch room.
We were sitting at the lunchroom table talking and Deborah (yes, that one) was being extremely nice to be which I found (as I'm sure you do, as well) disconcerting. I talked about how I'd come to the school and one of the professors wandering by told me that Deborah had arranged the massage I'd had the night before. (Don't remember that in the dream!)
I asked why she'd done that, and why she was being nice, was it just because I was in this school now.
She said yes, and looked shy (no mean feat, that!) and I remember thinking. "Wow. Maybe we could be friends."
Then Lyle's cellphone rang. He answered it and looked startled, handed me the phone and said, "It's for Carmy" with a questioning tone. Apparently that was simply an unexpected varient on my name, and one none of us seemed to like much. I answered the phone, it was a friend who was trying to call me at school, but didn't know the number, so she picked a random Worchester exchange (so apparently in Worchester. This cellphone things come from the fact that I have friends who are thinking of moving to Worchester, and my phone has been ringing off the hook for days) and figured she'd ask for me on the theory that it was a magic school and if she got close enough, she could be redirected to me. I told her she'd actually called the cellphone of the guy sitting across from me and it was just luck, which I'm not entirely sure she believed and that in the future she could call my own cellphone and that would work just fine.
Then we went to the target range where you had to qualify for your wand. It was a wooden bar (like the kind you drink at), mahogany or some other dark reddish wood. Set into the top the bar were toy looking guns. The idea was that you had 7 balls (that somehow converted to water or something when you shot them) and you were going for the eyes on the targets behind the wandmaker/barkeep who when you'd passed, would help you pick your wand. I wanted to shoot for the Evil Queen (Snow White)'s eyes, so I walked over that way, but there were no good head-on stations available, so I ended up trying and angle which I thought might work. I got through about half of the shots before I realized that even when I was hitting the target directly, which is to say getting through the top barrier to the mirror behind, I wasn't hidding the mirrors dead on enough to register, the shots just glanced off.
So I wandered off to my left where there was an empty room of targets. I had someone with me who was helping me figure stuff out, a guy, but I don't know who he is. He didn't say anything just followed me. I picked up the gun then looked at the targets. Two of them were Snow White targets and the other was some other woodland Disney movie, Pocohontas perhaps. In this case, the mirrors took up most of the space. I backtracked and noticed the degree of difficulty was "Easy." My friend told me that women were allowed to use this room to get their wands, but men weren't. Well that irritated me. I can't stand sexual inequality, and I'm a good shot normally, so I went back to the bar and on the right side, there was a target (don't remember what) and I was just slightly to the right of center. I asked the barkeep for another set of balls and hit it on the first one (of course). Then he brought over wands for me to pick from. The first one was a wooden boxy thing, like a mezuzah case, short and square and fat with gold lettering, of course it was perfect for me. Damnit. It was short and guady and hard to hold. (grump) He told me it was made of sandelwood and i never heard what the core was because the alarm went off.
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