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What does it say?

But it's important to get these things down, right?
So lensedqso and I downstairs in tech support to ask Craig something. Tech support in my dream is a huge mass of tables and lots of sunlight, or at least this area is, there are cubes in the next room, but everyone is sitting around a table, while Jen, their old boss is working schedules with them. Not wanting to bother Craig with our question while he was obviously in the meeting, we go into the cube area to wait, then a reasonable gap in the conversation, we go to tell Cragi that we're waiting on him for his help with a question on the product he supports. Then Jen says that it's well met that we're there, because she's scheduled me in to two tech support shifts to cover for Irene who's leaving the group while they're in the hiring process. After that their new person will be in, so it won't be a problem.
And I'm like "Well what do I have to do? I do have another job."
"Yeah, it shouldn't interfere with that too much, just help answer the phones if no one can get to them and help out with their questions. You should be fine."
So then Jill and I discuss it and I remind her that my exposure to the product that's in the field is sadly limited. My biggest product exposure is to something that hasn't been released. She promises to help me out. Then as we're walking, she asks me about what I'm going to do for Passover. I'm startled because Passover is nowhere near now. She says, but I'm sure there was some sort of holiday on the calendar.
I say, "Well, Shavuot was just a bit ago." but I dutifully check the calendar in my wood paneled office which is morphing to a synagogue sancutuary as we speak, sure enough, It's "Fuku Hannukah" where my calendar explains, in hebrew text, is where you walk around wishing everyone a "fuck you." (When I was recounting the dream to hoppie, I could barely speak for laughing, but in the dream, I had sorta a "huh? but it's on the calendar, so it must be legit even if I've never heard of it" thing going on). Then the dreamy young Rabbi walked by and said hi to us, and we talked for a bit and I apologized for not being around more, and he said he understood.
Then we met up with our dads and Uncle Eddie, and Jill was Janice now. And we were going to leave, so we went to get Janice's stuff and as we were walking towards it, through rows of chairs, I said to Janice, "Don't be alarmed, or nervous, but I have to tell you something..." you know buidling up the suspense.
Janice immediately got nervous "What? What?"
I said, "Our dads are wearing the same shirt." and they were, it was a button down, with blue and yellow plaid and the odd orange square.
Janice said "No they aren't." and then my dad's shirt changed to a different shirt in the same base colors, shades of blue and yellow, but now a polo shirt with broad color stripes. As we gathered our stuff and walked out, I saw someone I went to high school with, Geoff, wearing the same shirt as my dad, so I commented on that.
Then as we approached the doors. (as I think about it, it looks alot like the conservative syngagogue in my hometown), a bunch of work people came in for a lock-in type social event. Many of them were wearing the red Red Sox uniforms (red shirt/white pants). The QA manager wore his shirt down to his knees like a nightshirt and I was laughing and I remember thinking that they were going to have so much fun. To Janice I expressed envy that they had cool guys to party with and was glad that we weren't going to ours because the contrast would be too stunning.
Then Jill's sister Christina joined us for the walk back to wherever we were going. She wanted to take a shortcut through the woods, but it's cicada season, ew, and neither my dad or I was sure we'd be able to find our way to where we were going, and there was certainly no evidence that it would be a short cut in any sense of the word.
So we convinced her to walk with us, but then she caught her scarf on something, so I put it in one of the bags I was holding and then we walked through a building, but I wasn't sure how to get out. We walked in the ground floor, but on the other side of the building, we were up higher. (this seems to be a recurring theme. None of these buidling look anything like my college buildings (which were all built like this, Cincinnati is mostly hills), but maybe there's something there?) As we stood there trying to figure out which exit we wanted, a swarm of people came running down the hall and left by all of the three exits we could see, one down a stairs at the end of the hall. Two out a window across from us that seemed very doorlike, and I forget where the third was. And that's it.
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