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We can do it, it's all up to us, mmmkay.

So last night I went to a Mary Kay meeting (Julie, if you still read this, I must ask you if you were a part of this group.). It was lead by "Cassie McBain" tpau talked me through cleaning my skin, and then we did color (although not much of it, Cassie is the natural makeup type). It reminded both of how much I miss wearing makeup and how much I hate it.
This morning, I put some on, trying a suggestion Cassie made (alright, fine, her name is Michelle, I'll call her that.) of laying eyeliners brown underneath with color on top (green, as Jill pointed out, although I thought it looked blue when I put it on.) and that looks quite nice, although Jill points out that I need more practice. With the eyeliner, and mascara, my eyes look huge.
I also used their lip liner tester and my lipfinity so I'm like the total girl package. Wayne said, and this is a quote, that I look "glittery" today.
I think my favorite quote from my Mary Kay experience was "If you go more than a month without someone telling you your hair looks nice, it's time for a change."
I'm going to go through my MK catalogue and my Avon catalog to find some eye shadows that work for me. Hey Ana, Jill was saying that she thinks MK still does tests on animals. I thought they'd given it up for the bad publicity. What's the scoop?

I will someday post something that isn't a dream and isn't girly. lensedqso suggested I post a poll of people's favorites dreams, but then her favorite would be out of scope since it was before I was keeping a livejournal and therefore isn't in the pages of this book.
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