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General updates

I feel like I should write something to justify this journal's existance.
Readers, forgive me, it's been two days since my last livejournal post.
After much thrashing and gnashing, the reports help is out. It doesn't look much like the prototype of a few days ago, and I think that's generally a good thing. It also helped Rick, the fabulous project manager (who's wife may read this) figure out where he wanted to go to with the look and feel for reports. I'm glad.

It was funny though, Leah had been telling me a story night before last about how a web designer had redesigned their website, by moving the frame and adding a bunch of icky test boxes, and she was really unimpressed. "That's a professional?" she had wondered to us. And then in the meeting, when I presented the newest prototype, with a new color scheme, white. And Scott said, "White is a color scheme?" and I thought of that. Boris wanted me to handle the redesign, but I thought mmm would have a fit if I committed to that. Rick agreed. I'm still about half a step away from writing a preliminary cron job for him just so I can get the docs done.

Went out for sushi with hoppie, rocker and Diane last night. I finally got hoppie to Bamboo. Diane said we got the biggest assortment of sushi's she's ever been privleged to have at one sitting. It was good too. Yum.

Picked up my wedding dress this morning. Now I just take it to the attic and forget about it until one of the kids wants it.
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