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Yesterday I thought this idea I had for incorporating numbers in my specification was brilliant. Today I think it's rubbish and the spec should be rewritten to match the other specifications for the product. So I went to da boss to ask her opinion and she thinks my solution of yesterday was brilliant. I'm now in countdown to see how long it takes her to realize it's rubbish and tell me scrap it and go a different way. The lain_mac voice in my head says that will never happen because she designed the spec format and will use it until TPTB come down and tell her we must change to match the rest of the company. Even then she'll drag her heels.

Coming into work this morning, the supremely awesome dev manager was walking in (with the ever-present cooler. I wish I was married to his wife. She does such a great job taking care of him. I need someone to take care of me like that!) . And he looks at me like he expects me to run him down. And I'm thinking, nope, you're the one I like. I shudder to think what they'd replace you with. But I waved cheerily and he waved back and walked in looking confused.

Lori came over for dinner last night. I don't see nearly enough of Lori. We brought in SH Chinese and talked about how much our lives suck. Friends rock.
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