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Weekend etc.

I barely remember what happened over the weekened. Lets see, I never did end up cleaning really. Not alot.
I did buy lots of groceries.
We saw League of Extraordinary Gentleman.
My questions/complaints
Why would Dorian not be able to look at his picture? He painted it!
Why was Mina able to be out in daylight?
Why was Hyde bigger than Jekyl. I remember from the book that he was shrunken and Jekyl was like 6.5"
I thought the Nautilus was shaped like a Manta?
Call me Ishmael? ugh.
Other than that, I thought it was a fun movie. And you have to expect them to take some liberties, I guess. Like Nemo's men spoke no English in the book so only Nemo could talk to them. That might have been difficult. Or it might have added something. Hard to say.
Moriarty? ugh.

Rocker set up our wedding present. He laid a rug down in the dining room and placed a wood and marble pedestal on it. He flanked it with two triple floor lamps with cobalt blue shades (I'm not describing this well. I'll take a picture.) and set next to it (he wasn't comfortable hanging it) a shattered perspective poster in a handsome frame.

And Sunday we had Lori's birthday party. That was damned fun, even if I did end up with a bruised jaw. We went candlepin bowling and I seen some friends (techncially of Lori's but I miss 'em like they was mine) I ain't seen for a long time.

And now the moment we all wait faithfully for every week, the next chapter in
This was the most tempting chapter so far. I sat there holding the book trying not to read on for about 10 minutes after I finished the chapter and found myself trying to peek at the next chapter without technically reading it. I almost fled to the bedroom to get away from the book, and yet now, I can't tell you what was so compelling about it.
This chapter is dinner and some Order of the Phoenix business. Sirius, who is clearly bored off his gourd, is ready to tell Harry everything just so he can have a companion, and this is probably the wisest course of action, as an ill-informed Harry always seems to get himself into trouble.
I like the setup of Molly and Mundy in the story. It does explain some of what's been going on in solemnly_swear between them. Anyway, until next week....
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