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More dreams

So I walk into the gym at the JCC where we played I played when we were kids. I'm in high school, as evidenced by the other people who are there, all HS aged, including Lori. We're supposed to play. The schedule is two preliminary boys games followed by the girls game than the real boys game. The boys are playing a half court game when I walk in. I decide that's just for the prelim games and they'll play full court, as we do, for the real game. They are not playing 1/2 court the way you (the readers) might think they would, using the central basket, they are actually using two of the side court baskets. The gym has two central baskets placed normally and four side baskets, one per quadrent of the court. I look for someone to sit with. I see some friends on each set of bleachers, but Lori is on the second set, so I go to sit with her. The bleachers are retractable. The middle bleachers are in, the front bleachers (closest to door I came in) are nearly completely extended, and the ones Lori is sitting at at the back, are only partially extended. I'm skittish about getting on the bleachers, for not particular reason, and Lori decides to move lower so I don't have to feel bad. Which is very sweet. And then we're on the front bleachers and it's time to play.

They call the other team, who's name I can't remember how to spell, which is really embarassing, but it's pronounced Amitea, and they have enough players to play and then our team, which I do wonder what team I'm on for a second since I'm not wearing my official team shirt, but I'm pretty sure it's Femmes (Modern Femmes, for short). So our team captain tells us to guard our men, and I'm on DD (who comes up in dreams a whole lot for someone I haven't seen in more than 10 years.) I'm doing a great job guarding her and we're chatting until the ball comes into play and she tears off the other direction. I catch up and things are progressing. I get the ball and make a shot, and miss it. I get the rebound like six times (which is astounding to me because I'm so short and I'm not that close to the basket. I think it's because we're playing with a large rubber ball at this point.) Anyway, I think i make the score, the first of the game, and then the ball is giving back to the other team, I steal the ball (wow!), and send it off towards our basket, but none of the other girls is covering, so it goes out of bounds and they get it back, and then I'm covering one girl and the one with the ball is taunting me, saying "What do you call this?" (it made sense in context.) "I call it travelling," I reply. She's got a large metal suitcase open on one side with braces to hold the ball, and she's carrying the ball in it. (how droll. What a sense of humour my unconscience mind has. Puns abound!) The ball is tiny at this point, like a sponge ball, and I pass it to a teammate, she passes back to me, I to her, and we work down the court like this. At some point, someone tells me what a mean selfish bitch I'm being on the court and how I made my friend lensedsqo cry. I see her on the sidelines looking miserable. I tag out at the next opportunity and bring her in and try to say something comforting like, nothing to do, just drive the ball down the court, but I don't think I made it better.
I walk out of the gym and down the hall to see what else is going on in the building. In the auditorium, there are people in there and it's snowing. Yes, in the building. Apparently something leaks, but that's odd to me for some reason. I go to the bathroom and it's snowing in there too. The toilets are brimming with water, and I'm sure it's just as cold as it looks. I walk out without making use of the facilities, mentally reviewing my list of options. The upstairs bathrooms are probably worse, (and that's what bothered me about the auditorium having snow...there's an upstairs. For there to be snow in the auditorium it has to have already fallen through a floor!) and pass a guy walking in. Realizing I've just accidentally walked into the guys bathroom, I then try the ladies room. It's still snowy but not as bad. I still don't use the facilities and head back to the gym, waking up on the way.
So what is it with toilets in my dreams? Three of the four dreams I can remember of the last two nights have involved toilets and it's a bit jolting. It's not like I particularly have to go to the bathroom when I wake up. So what's the deal?
I can't remember the second dream anymore, only that there no toilets.
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