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Harry Potter: POA

So, I wasn't disappointed in the movie until I had to explain all this stuff to hoppie about Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail, and Snape's grudge against Black. It mostly hung together as a movie for him, but he did have questions about it. I resented that they overplayed the sexual tension between the kids and downplayed the real anger between them, Hermione's isolation, her help with Hagrid's trial, although I did like Hagrid's suit, that was brilliantly done, and the real acrimony between Hermione, Harry, Ron.
Jill and Uncle Bruce's favorite part was Hermione slugging Malfoy.
Nessa hated the movie because it was too scary.
I liked the flight of the Hippogriff.
Hoppie is a pervert.
I also misliked that the patronus was so indistinct on the older Harry side. Younger Harry could see the stag, so why couldn't elder Harry?
I also miss Pig.
There are a few things I don't understand why they omitted such as:

  • Why not have Dudley watching Sirius Black on TV instead of that insipid dancing. It doesn't add to the timing much other than Harry saying "He was on the muggle news too." ("course he wuz. He's a danger. don't you know nuffink?")

  • The knight bus got out of the way of obsticles in this version, in the book it was the other way around. I liked stopping for the old lady, but I was expecting the busses to jump out of the Knight Busses way, not t'other way around.

  • No permission slip. One of the most touching moments at the end of PoA was Sirius Black sending the permission slip and promising to be seen far away from Hogwarts. He also never explained why he escaped, how he knew Pettigrew was alive after all these years, hoppie hasn't noticed that, but I beleive he will. It was set up properly, so I'm wondering if it was cut.

Afterwards we played Encore. It's a "board" game. You move your piece on the board and land on one of a number of colors and are giving a corresponding word or category. Your team than switches off with the other team to name songs that contain that word or fall into that category (like "rain" and "songs about love") Last time to correctly state a song within the 30 seconds allotted wins and takes the next turn. The final challenge is to do all the items on a card within 30 seconds, which we couldn't do. We ended up expanding to 60.
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