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rhapsody on pink

I found the perfect cheque writing pen at the dollar store in Gardiner. I found it when we saw Shrek 2, and I have to say I didn't recognize it for what it was. It was there, in a two pack with another pen of exquisite colour, (which I have since given away.) These pens are twins of gazelle, like two pomegranates with rosy hue. Well, one of them has rosy hue anyway, it's pink. (in best female computer voice) "It's the perfect cheque writing pen, age 15-25"*
It bares the innocuous moniker, "Neon Rollerball Pens" on the label. The description too is innocuous:
2 Pack
Super Smooth Ink Flow
0.7mm Point
Pen Color Indicates Ink Color
And what a color it is! It hurts my eyes to look at it. It's intense. But it's got pressure, force, so when I write cheques, not only are the cheques unreadable to the unshielded eye, but the carbons I keep of the cheques are crystal clear. How many pens can produce that sort of perfect dual effect? Mmmm, this is a great time to be alive!

*Does anyone else remember the movie Looker. I was hooked on that movie for a summer when it was some or other of the movie channels, HBO, I think.
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