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Last night's odd dream

mrsjtn told me it was extremely tacky to post dreams on lj, but I think that's the cool thing about having a lj. Now I can subject everyone to my dreams (and in one place too).
It started in a conference room/lunch room with a long table and glass window on one side looking down into a wide hall that ran the length of the conference room. The room changed a little during the dream, but initially there were doors on either side of the window, and some at the back of the room as well leading to other parts of the building. Later in the dream, the door on the right of the window just wasn't there and the window ran to the wall. So much for the basic setting.
So I sitting at one end of the table (the left side) with Wayne and someone else talking and eating lunch and Joe, a project manager, was having leading a meeting on the other side. Well, the three of us got into a somewhat heated discussion and I launched into a diatribe (apparently quite disruptive, although no one said anything) about how what was really wrong with the company was the lack of integration of multiple products, companies and people into a single cohesive unit. And I went on about this at some length, not even realizing that at some point Joe had finished his meeting and left (out the right door, which is why I know it had been there at some point.) Then one of the people from the meeting, a sort of combination of Andrea and Denise chided me for being disruptive first off and for stating my opinion. Then people started filing in for an all-hands meeting and Andrea/Denise was leading it. There was a handout and apparently there been a complaint from customers that employees were deliberately sabotaging the company. The full color glossy ("damn, that's expensive", I thought) handout talked about how a team had been rerouted on their way back from vacations to help rescue a customer but then went on to site instances of lesser valor. And then Andrea/Denise said, but Marci has another idea. Gack. And that's when it hit me that (even in dreams) I really should learn to keep my big mouth shut. But I dutifully repeated what I said about the need for integration siting specific examples of how people who are working on the same product are separated by different management, different floors and even different technology, but there is no value in a twice told tale.
After I finished, she went on and got other comments from the room. Then the meeting broke up and the dream changed. Suddenly (things really get weird) I was watching a lower level of the building as Jarod (yes, the pretender from the series) broke out of the room he was being held in and escaped the building by pretending to be a guard.
After learning he'd escaped Andrea/Denise insisted that they find his gf, who was at the moment on the lower level float pallet being transfered to the sleep center for the night along with 5 other people including her dad and a good friend of mine who will come back in a few minutes and have a name.
The office is now a more futuristic complex like something out of a Bond film and I go back upstairs to the conference room. The window is still there, but no right door this time and the window doesn't actually have any glass which is good for the guards because they are stationed outside the room with guns trained on the room. And one of them come in and signals one of the other people to come out and turn over his other buddies in the rebellion to be shot or he'll be killed immediately. I know they're going to kill him anyway so there's no point in telling them anything, and apparently he does too 'cause he doesn't say anything. And then the villain (I think still Andrea/Denise) says that they're going to eventually kill all the Chinese so it doesn't matter what happens because eventually all the mixed breeds will die anyway. Pretty revolting stuff. The guard leaves and I wait for the next guard to come in, the door is slightly sheltered from view so I'm able to take him by surprise without being observed from below. I knock him out and dump in in a storage closet that's conveniently close to the door also sheltered from view and dress in his clothes and take his gun and ID, but I'm not sure what to do next. I watched the guard leave beore and I know the door code to leave the room, but then what...I can't just leave these people, but if I take them out with only one gun, massacre city.
Then there's a huge commotion below. The sleepers have come back and they're very much awake. They came in through the front doors, not the transport doors, fully loaded for bear and wearing body armor. How cool is that. So I open the door and get all the prisoners behind me 'cause I still have the only gun and the door area, remember, is slightly sheltered, it's the only safe place. A number of the baddies are coming toward me and I'm shooting them with my gun, but then out of the corner of my eye, I see one of the good guys (and it apparently doesn't occur to me that if she's wearing body armor, she's well protected), so I hesitate to shoot because I'm afraid I'll hit her. She takes out the last baddie between us and it's Mary Lou. And I have never been so happy to see a friendly face. "Did you bring enough of those for everyone" I ask, trying to do the school teacher thing. She unshoulders a bag full of semiautomatics which the prisoners start grabbing, but the fighting is pretty much over.
Jarod's gf makes an announcement that the stores in the mall (because suddenly I notice for the first time we're in a mall. The stores I notice are Caché and Sears.) have said that the prisoners can take what they need to re-outfit themselves, but asks that they not go crazy.

So that was my dream,
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