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My immaculate dream

I love people today.
I love Jate because of the kick ass job she did on the Spring fling poster. (which I feel like I shouldn't refer to here, maybe I'll make a copy and upload it to If you're interested, let me know and I'll throw the link in a comment.
I love Alamo rental cars because when I was transfering the reservation into Lori's name, the teleservice woman asked me to assure Lori that she didn't have to worry, everything was taken care of and she just had to show up, and drive off. I may have to remember them for future renting needs, assuming Lori really does have that easy a time of it.
I love JumJill and tpau for keeping me feeling beautiful.
I hate mosqitos for biting me, repeatedly. Stupid mosquitos.
That's it.
I'm thinking of joining a second RPG. Talk me out of it?
Tags: friends, rpg, shopping
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