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You may be right...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm pleased that you guys have a baby. Congratulations. I'm thrilled that she's healthy. I'm delighted that you're delighted. She's beautiful and will be a source of much joy and pleasure to in the future, the good Lord willing and the crick don't rise.
Having said that, and I do sincerely mean it, you are total freaking flake. The idea of you having a baby with your wife of nearly a month (I know, you would have married her sooner, but neither of you had completed divorce procedings, some people would consider that a sign!) is utterly repulsive. I don't have any stigmas or issues with preconcieved children, (although this will probably sound like a scathing denunciation of the practice), my problem is actually with you personally.
I think you're irresponsible. I think both of your marriages have been ill conceived. I wish you'd think things through. You are such a bright, and intelligent young man, and you have so little sense. And while I'm spewing a few home truths, can I just mention that my lesbian best friend has never found you even the slightest bit attractive. She would not be on your jock if but for the fact that you're married. She has zero interest in you beyond the odd, and I mean that in most sincere way, dinner companion.
Your capacity for self-delusion is utterly freaking boundless. And, yeah, yeah, I know you think it's jealousy talking. That must be it.
I must be a jealous, raving lunatic. Certainly what I'm saying couldn't possibly be true. Can it?
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