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Mothra -vs- the Employment Application

Sadly I've forgotten most of it, but it was hysterically funny. Even within the dream I was considering how to livejournal it to tell without losing the amusing bits. Sadly, I don't remember them. Here's what I do remember.
The new place that lensedsqo is starting at next week cold called me and asked me to come in for an interview. So I show up (feh, that got away from me) and and they sit me in this large room that seems oddly partitioned. There's a wall facing the door, and on the other side of the wall, there are more desks and more people (but I don't notice them for awhile). There are shelves and pegs on the wall so hang things. To the left of the wall is where I'm sitting down to take the test. It's four text pages and a Scantron style answer sheet. I wish I could remember the questions, I would make a quiz or poll based on them. They were questions like: "What song lyric would you use if this happened?" I remember thinking that I had no idea how to predict what answers would convince them to offer me the job, so I just started honestly or randomly answering the question (depending on the question).
The question I remember most vividly was "Which of these would you like to own?" and they had pictures of the jukebox hologram projector, a satelite TV system, subwoofer system and I forget the fourth thing. You better believe I picked the hologram projector, YUM!
Then I realized I'd gotten some of the pages out of order and I had go back to like #12 (out of 100) and figure out where I'd gotten off-track. Hoppie comes in at somepoint during this and tells me thaat this always happens when I get flustered. I need to calm down and remember that this doesn't really matter either way, either they'll like me or they won't. Meanwhile, I got something from a cabinet using the keys that the proctor removed from the shelf. When I was returning the keys, I threw them back onto the shelf and the guy was livid. "There are other people taking the tests!" I felt slightly guilty, but mostly annoyed because he yelled and I said, "I was just returning the keys to where they came from."
"Well you should have put them there gently or handed them to me if you couldn't do that."
Okay. I finished the test and they made some sort of announcement about how the monsters needed to come in for costume fittings Saturday and Sunday so they should account for that in their timing and not accept the job if they couldn't make it in then. I made a mental note to tell Jan as she was Mothra, although I knew she knew already because she'd already accepted the job, so they must have told her.
Strange dream.
I wouldn't read too much into the characterization of Jan as Mothra, Mothra has always been my favorite. Also I think this comes from the discussion I had with someone or other about the Alien -vs- Predator movie.
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