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Faux porn

So on our way back from lunch (Vietnamese), hence the "Pho" in the title, JumJill, solies and I got into a discussion on porn. Well, we started with trashy romance and got trashier, I guess, if such a thing were possible. I blame it on solies.
First we started with the perennial favorite,

Truely, Madly Viking

Then we moved onto the

He's a cowboy!

subgenre, then the next thing I knew were talking about Roquelaure's horrific porn.
JumJill asked what I guess in restrospect is the obvious question, "Who would read porn when they could watch it?" From there it was a short leap to Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon and the Cosmic cheerleaders (actually we didn't talk about volume 2 at all, I just like the title) and the Erotic Adventures of Zorro.
Then we discussed Church.
How is it such a clean-living, sensible, calm, practical soul as I suddenly ends up with this pron goddess reputation?
I STILL want to have a toy party!
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