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Sleeping Beauty and the woodland creatures

Looking out into the backyard, I see two birds, a robin and a black bird with red markings, at least one squirrel and a chipmunk. Now three more black+red birds have shown up and a couple of sparrows. Actually it doesn't appear to red. It appears to be a light yelllow.
Anyway, enough rambling. I had another disturbing dream last night.

So we're just getting into the park (which looks nothing like the Magic Kingdom, although that's obviously what it's intended to be) and Laina's mom sees the topiaries, which are incredible. They've interlaced flowers into the bushes to provide color contrasts. I say that I like the one she's looking at, but I really like this birthday cake topiary, they have...and we walk off to the left so I can show them that one. Off to the side in this direction is a raised platform (about 10 stairs up) serving as an observation deck. On the observation deck, which affords a few of about 4 or 5 topiaries, is an updatable list of what topiaries are in season. The names of the toparies are printed on wooden planks and hung on the map of the park indicating where the topiaries are. We talk about the map for a minute and plan our route and then turn around to observe the topiaries. As we're watching, this guy below near us starts smacking his wife. We look at each other kind of stunned, and at the other people in the park and they're all looking away pretending not to notice. So I go down there, and they ask me not to, but honestly, what choice did I have. I said I was just going to get security, but I felt bad leaving the woman like that, so I decked the guy on two punches and tied his arms with his shirt and dragged him over to the entrance where I turned him over to park security. I offered to give them my information, even though I was worried I would get thrown out of the park too, but then they didn't seen to need anything from me, so I went back. As we're leaving to head to a different part of the park (I think Laina and her mom talked to the girl, told her there was help, etc. although I didn't have much confidence she would leave him.)
Then he came back with a bunch of reporters who wanted to interview me to find out how I'd decked this man who might be the next ....somethingorother, he had political leanings and he seemed to feel I'd destroyed his career opportunities, (because I was totally beating up a defenseless person who trusted me in a public children's amusement park. Whatever.) Anyway, he kept threatening to burn down my house or kill me in these traansparently but innocuously worded threats (this is all be recording.) I remember thinking in post processing, with his thinly veiled threats and my thinly veiled replies they probably got two seconds of useable soundbites out of it. Anyway, not my problem.
So we went our (slightly less) merry way, and we saw that Beater and his wife turned off towards Tomorrowland which was to the right, so we went to Adventureland with was straight ahead. After a brief interlude in a fish'n'chips pub, we were looking at the water slides and wave pool and decided to go there, except one of my companions (lost track of who by now) said they'd prefer a real beach and asked if there was one. I said no, than thought about it for a moment and realized that I'd been at the beach with my mom once when they'd paged us to come rescue my dad. I couldn't remember if that was the time his wallet got stolen or the time he'd won this huge jackpot, but then I remembered for sure it was the jackpot. The beach area was at the front of the park to the right, basically opposite the topiaries. I offered to go there if she'd prefer that. Then I woke up.

See, again, nothing really bad happens, but I'm left with this horrible bad feeling. Anyway, I have more stuff to say, and pictures which I left in the car, so I'lll post up when I get to work.
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