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Trying to catch a moment

Edited for clarity:Sunday hoppie and I bought a bedroom set. This isn't it but it's pretty close. We have a full canopy on a similar style poster bed. It's King sized, of course. We also got a nine drawer dresser which has 2 things in common with the one pictured with that bed, 1) it's made of wood, and 2) it takes a mirror. The mirror we got is similar to the tri-view mirror pictured. The night stand is similar to what we got. Ours has a beverage tray and simpler handles. We got a mattress set too. They're being delivered July 2nd or so. Before they are delivered I need to walk-up a cheque for the balance and check on the status of the canopy. Oh, and clear the room entirely. I've been cleaning in the morning before work. And this weekend, I'm devoting myself to the task. I'm also having the book club at my place on July 1st, so that's more cleaning. It sucks to be me. I should probably start keeping a list of what's up.

As part of this plan, I decided to see if I can't finally fix that shade I've been meaning to have fixed forever, so I called lain_mac to see if she needed anything while I was shopping anyway. So while I was collecting her list, I got to see the family. They all seem to be adjusting pretty well. Lawrence was out with I and M and when I got there, so I got to meet and greet with D first. She showed me her room and some of her favorite toys (like the tiara (or corona in Polish), which she puts on first thing every morning.) Then the boys came on and everyone eventually tromped down to the basement. We were down there playing for a bit. Then it was dinner time. I swooped up behind D on her way upstairs and picked her up and she said "Up!" so I lifted her up higher, thinking "finally, a Polish word I understand!", but Lawrence told me when he heard her laughing gleefully "Up!" that it's actually nothing like the Polish word for Up! So after less than a week, D is already comfortable enough to try her English out on me. Wow. I feel so honored and lucky. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. I know how long it took me to feel comfortable speaking Hebrew around anyone. They call me Pani Marci. *swoon*

Oh, and yes, I did actually get to the store to buy most of what she wanted, although I need to try again for one more item. The place I went was sold out.
And then I talked to filkergem until the power lines around my house converged on the cellphone signal and I lost him.
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