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What a set of titles. I guess this has just been that kind of week.

So last night at dinner I asked hoppie what he thought of the make-up, if it made a difference, and he said, "well to be honest, I really can't see a difference."
I was a little taken aback because I can, although I admit the differences are slight, my eyes look slightly bigger. That's pretty much it. But I thought it also gave me a sort of healthy glow. But I didn't want hoppie to know I was hurt by his comment, because there really wasn't anything wrong with it, and it is his opinion, and he's still allowed them, damn that stupid marriage contract, so I said, "Well, really that's how it's supposed to look." Which is also true: like me, but better.
And he thought about it and said, "but you're more self-absorbed now."
So I asked "How?" which is also a self-absorbed question, but I'm curious. I mean it's possible this all stems from Tuesday night where I was 3.5 hours late getting home and didn't call. (although lets be honest, part of me did that because I wanted him to notice, which is totally the wrong thing to do, I know. I don't know why he's so comfortable articulating and I'm neither comfortable articulating or acting out? It can't all be the guy/girl thing. Maybe his parents created a comfortable environment where he felt free to say whatever he wanted? Or maybe it's the fact that I have to go upstairs a few minutes before bedtime to remove the makeup? He's already gone when I apply it so he doesn't see that time.) So anyway, immaterial rambling aside, he sorta ducked the question and I felt repeating it would be self-indulgent.
So then at dinner with Lori, Lori was saying she was having some problem with her watch (she's had it for 5 years) turning her hand colors. I suggested she paint the bottom with clear nailpolish to create a barrier between her skin and the watch. She was interested so I went on to explain that I use it for earrings when they bother my ears. It's an old trick that some readers might recognize from Trixie Belden, and it works really well. And I said it comes off about 8 months, so you might have to repapply, but still that's not much of an investment.
She said, "What if I want to paint my nails."
I said, "Then you deserve to run out!"
She said, "What if I paint my toenails?"
I said, "Thank you really deserve to run out!"
Hoppie said, "See this is what I mean about you being self-absorbed!"
Me, "Huh? I was giving out this advice years ago. You've even seen me do it."
And Hoppie said, "But you would never have wished on your friends that they run out of clear nailpolish!"
But anyway, this week hasn't really been about either of us.I've spent alot of time with other people, and I think he might be feeling neglected. He even suggested an outing together on Sunday. (which it just now occured to me might be because he misses spending time with me. Which is kinda flattering, now that I think about it. It's not often I really like he really needs me for something. Which damnit, reminds me I've needed him for qmail help all week. Feh.)

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