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Lesson learned

So migraines and cellphone text posting don't work. Good to know. At least I didn't do anything violent. I was one of those migraines when I get twitchy and must move around. Hoppie, of course, thinks I'm an idiot. He's always telling me not to read in the car becausae it gives me a migraine.
Me: Remind me to never lj in the car.
Hoppie: I do all the time. Or is somehow livejournaling different than reading.
Me: Of course it is. It's on my cellphone.
Hoppie: Yes, dear.
Which admittedly is the only one thing can say in a situation like that.
Had a funny conversation with hoppie's mom and sister yesterday.
Betsy, hoppie's sister, was complaining about how her hair is curling up, and they were talking about straightening chemicals and suchlike (which I don't think Betsy would do, but she has a friend who has done it, and loves it.)
After that conversation I said, "Personally, I like curly hair."
Hoppie's mom: Only because you don't have it.
Me: Of course I have it.
Betsy: Yeah, she's got those tight lengths of curls.
Hoppie's mom: I thought that was a perm?
Me: (smiling) If I paid for it, I wouldn't wear it up as much.

Hrm, that might only have been funny to me. It was definitely amusing in context.
Saw most of Easy Wheels last night. I'm vaguely amused that Rocker who's a huge Raimi fan, didn't know Sam Raimi wrote it. Well, cowrote it with his brother Ivan (who oddly enough looks like Juan in the credits I read. I might have to see it again to check out.) But of course, Ted appears as the goofy bartender. Didn't see Bruce Campbell in the movie though. Rocker speculates he might have been one of the masked surgeons who didn't speak. Did I like it? Well, it's no Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!, but it didn't suck. And some parts of it were quite funny.
Time to get back to laundry and cleaning now.
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