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No bed for you!

So the bed doesn't fit up the stairs. It's 79" and the clearance up the steps is 74". Hoppie talked me into keeping the foundation and matress on the theory that it being a standard size, we can use it with any bed.
This emphasises the strong difference in personality between me and Tom. Where I tend to reject utterly if any little thing is off, he tends to be more flexible and work with things. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. I have such a strong antipathy and resentment in these situations.
I was going to in previous post discuss my driving success last night, but somhow it sorta seems pale and inconsequential. It's like I said to the book club last night: when I'm happy, there's a feeling of complete happiness that pervades everything and makes me feel like I can never be capable of unhappiness. And when I'm not, the word is a void, wasteland of desolation from which the fog never lifts.
Happy 4th.
Edit: Can I just say that I'm greatful they were early. They arrived at 6:30. This allowed Tom to be there to whole time they were here (which I'm sure he'll think is good because he has a matress now, which he wouldn't have if it was just me) and I feel like at least I didn't have to wait to be disappointed.
Now I have to waste time until 10:00 rolls around so I can start my shopping.
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