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and to my overly emotional sister, Jenny...

So I'm not giving up on my livejournal. If people are still reading it, I'm still writing it. And if you're not, I may write it anyway, just to spite you, so there.
I'm starting to get over the bed thing. I will probably feel differently tomorrow when hoppie and I are again shopping for a bed and again have to reach consensus on what we like, but I'm hoping that drugs will help. I'll bring some along just in case. Hoppie and I were recently watching the season premier of Nip/Tuck and I hope to be like Sean, mellow and relaxed. He used drugs too, but it's okay 'cause he's a doctor.
So hoppie's off at the fireworks, although he'll be home soon, and I'm eating one of my favorite comfort foods, (don't smirk, jtn) cous cous and hot dogs. It just seems so very 4th of July!
American cross-cultural cuisine, here I come!
Tags: holiday, hoppie, house, rant, television
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