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Dream fragments etc.

Sadly, I don't remember much about this, but had a bunch of books made up with a kind of a best of solies. The book was spiral bound with a white plastic cover and black lettering (although it was cooler than that sounds). The book, which was still cooler than the dream, had as it's first chapter, madlibs based on solies stories, there was a chapter of pictures you could color inspired by solies stories, actual snippets from solies, and logic puzzles and mysteries derived from solies stories. I was very impressed in the dream. Hoppie, not so much, although that might be because I'm very bad at sharing.

I checked into the hotel with some friends, don't remember who now, although I vaguely remember checking in. Then I was asleep in the bed at the hotel, dreaming about excavating from a building that was collapsing. I gathered up two small children, babies, wrapped them in a blanket and took off running with the others to safety. When I got to "safety" I unwrapped the blanket and only one of them was still a child. The other was a cooked piece of liver. I told myself that wasn't possible and continued looking for child. I found a large child sized piece of smoked whitefish. It was puzzling and irritating, so I looked at the ceiling wherever we were trying to figure out why it was still raining. That woke me up to realize it was raining gently in the hotel room. Everything was soaked. I called the front desk and they sent someone up who stopped the raining by closing the door. I didn't even realize there was a door to the outside. But hey wait! I saw it coming down from the ceiling all around me in a gentle flow, not windblown, just straight down, but she explained it away somehow. So anyway, I went outside (where not only was it not raining, but it wasn't outside. It was a suite that they were working on, still under construction.) I wandered around, past this amazing tub. She had some with me, so I asked her if I could use it. And she told me it hadn't been hooked up yet, so, no. On the way back through, I noticed they were setting up the halloween feast. Everything looked great, so I made a note of the time, and swipped a cookie. Once I got into the main part of the hotel, having left the suite, I noticed all sorta of of candy places set up and other kids (yes, I know I'm not a kid anymore) getting candy, so I asked for some dots. She gave me some dots and like 10 different flavors of licorish whips. Then i wandered down the main hall wondering why my room number wasn't where I remembered it being. Then I realized I'd forgotten my room number and the one on the door was right. The room numbers were all jumbled and out of order.
And there was something about a food court and french fries, but I can't remember how that fits in.

I feel like I should say something nice about Rockport to show it was great and what a great time I had. It was okay. I have at least 3 new mosquito bites and no more than 2 blisters. Heather really did have a good time, and that's always fun. They torched Santa's workshop which had an inflatable snowman on top of it, and Christmas lights. You never heard such snowlust in your life, "BURN FROSTY!" "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, FROSTY!" Really, such hostility.
and now as we're already late getting started, I shall go awaken my sleeping beauty.
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