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pointless quiz, pictures, and updates

What do people really think of your LJ?
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Pictures I took with hoppie's camera from lunch with lain_mac and the kids (She points out that she was the one who taught them to blow bubbles, despite the mistaken impression I may have given you) and Rockport, including one of the bonfire lit and ascending to the Frosty.
We did find a bedroom set yesterday. You can see it's not too different, no canopy, shorter posts, but not altogether dissimilar. Here's the dresser, although I couldn't decide on a mirror, so we're going without for now, and nightstands and another 6 drawer man's bureau which isn't shown here, and wasn't on the showroom floor either. So I'm feeling alot better. I'm practically back to my usual sunny disposition.
After buying the furniture, we tried to do some of the Connecticut wine trail, which was a huge disappointment in the sense that we could only find one winery and it wasn't open. The signage along "the trail" is horrible and the maps they give you really don't give you a feel for where to start and how to go. It was fun just driving around though, and we found this 80s music station that really kept our spirits up. Then we went to Mohegan Sun to scope it out for my parents. It was okay. We played Blackjack Bonanza which is a fun varient with a manditory sidebet for blackjack. If when you get said blackjack, the dollar amounts printed on the cards match, you get that amount. There's also a 3 7 of spades bonus, but no one even got close to that. I did get one matching blackjack for 10$ which is pretty much the lowest matching dollar amount. If you didn't match, but did have a blackjack, it pays off 5 to 1. Anyway, we enjoy Foxwoods more and finished up our night there. Then we came home and I went straight to sleep. Hoppie stayed up for another 2 hours. When he woke me up he asked if I'd remember having the conversation with him this time. He claims to have woken me up Saturday night, but I think he's making it up.
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