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Do not let your eyes linger on any erotic bus-shelter advertising! Wayne is watching!

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The Obscenely Wealthy Heiress

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Coworker6: You refer in your meeting notes to an API Interface dude. Who's that:-)
Me: did I really leave dude in there?
Coworker6:: Yes - I was not sure if it was a dude or the past tense of do.
Me: I suck. I'm like so the opposite of professional.
Coworker6: It is still wicked professional to turn out the minutes puncutally though.
Me: *bow*
Me: so I'm only half the opposite of professional.
Coworker6: No more askew from professional than anyone else probably.
Me: what a sterling recommendation that is.

So I just came back from the Dr's office. Everyone there a) remembered me and b) treated me like and old friend. I love going to see this particular doctor because he always makes it feel like Halloween (in a good way. Of course, I love Halloween, there are no bad ways, but still). I always walk out with a huge bag of "goodies," by which I mean drugs, most of which I don't even take, but I feel is cool to have. So the doctor is like "When did I see you last."
And I said, "According to my records (by which I mean my Palm) 2001."
Both us together, "But that can't be right."
So we cross-check the dates and sure enough, we both list the last visit as 12/12/01. Well, two compulsive record keepers can't be wrong. I mean they can be, but chances are, not so much. He asks how I am, and I tell him, in the main, great, but I'm worried about, yadda yadda, feels like an ear infection, etc. He does the exam thing and decides that I'm fine, just a little stuffy and goes to fill up a bag with some from column A, and some from bin B, and I walk off feeling like Little Red Riding Hood on her way to grandma's with the legendary basket of goodies.
Did I mention my doctor rolls his own nasal spray? How cool is that!

Okay, I'm done.
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