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John F. Kennedy's Pontoon Boat

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Battleship has changed the names of the their boats. Their PT boat, which apparently isn't a pontoon boat, who knew, is now a destroyer. Apparently they were tired of people like me confusing big naval boats with dinky little consumer boats.
solies is suggesting we make our own game, "Marina" which has the pontoon, the sailfish, the speedboat, the catamaran, and the yacht. Instead of torpedoes, you'd shoot grey poupon or martinis. Do you think you'd declare a double-martini variant where it does two spaces worth of damage, but if you miss, the resulting splash, damages your boat?
We could have Thurston Howell III be the poster child, "Lovey, they capsized my pontoon boat!"

Me and Solies: (to Blinky) Lunch?
Blinky: long silence
Some time later....
Solies: Boy that rotten Blinky. He took off without us and now I can't find Boris either!
Me: I can't find ZABO either. This proves that ZABO and Boris aren't the same! Because if they were, ZABO would be here because Boris isn't!
Solies:Hey! None of that! Remember who the smart one is! But, Emma, I think this proves that Boris and ZABO aren't the same, because if they were, ZABO would be here since Boris isn't.
Me: Wow! You are the smart one.
Solies: Entering a restaurant some distance away But I can't believe that Blinky just took off like that without even a word. What a scoundrel! Oh, hi Blinky and Boris.
Blinky and Boris (cowering behind napkins) You caught us!
Boris:Well, this is what you can expect when....
Solies and Blinky:Blinky and Solies are on the case!
Solies and Blinky break out laughing.
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