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rhetorical question

Yesterday is gone, see the pretty countryside,
Merrily we roll along, roll along, bursting with dreams.
Travelling so fun, splashing by the countryside,
Everbody merrily, merrily catching at dreams.
Rolling along....
Dreams don't die so keep an eye on your dreams,
Quite before you know where you are, there you are!
Time goes by and hopes go by,
But you still can try for your dreams.
Tend your dreams. (How does it happen?)
Dreams take time. (Once it was all so clear.)
Time goes by. (How can you get so far off the track?)
(Why don't you turn around and go back?)
Mend your dreams. (How does it happen? Where is the moment?)
Bend the road. (How can you listen? Isn't it clear?)
(How can you let it slip out of gear?
How did you ever get there from here?)
(How does it happen?
Once it was all so clear?
How does it start to go?
Does it slip away slow?
So you never even notice what's happening?
How did you get to be here?
What was the moment?
How did you get to be here?)
Pick yourself a road.
Get to know the countryside.
Soon enough you're merrily, merrily practicing dreams.
Dreams that will explode, waking up the countryside,
Making you feel merrily, merilly, what can go wrong?
Rolling along.
Some roads are soft and some are bumpy,
Some roads you really fly.
Some roads are rough and leave you jumpy,
Why make it tough by getting grumpy?
Plenty of roads to try.
Look around a bit....
Some roads you really fly.
Never look back....
How did you get to be here?
What was the moment?
How did you get to be here?
Bending with the road,
Gliding through the countryside,
Merrily we roll along, roll along, catching a dream.
Dreams that will explode, waking up the countryside.
Everybody merrily, merrily singing your song.
Rolling along.

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