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Time for us

Went to the family picnic. It was fun. Lots of small kids, and of course Heather the smallest of all. Odd to think that next year she might be talking and walking, and I might be the one with the baby. Feels odd even saying it. Everyday I find myself torn: sure on the one hand that I'll be a good and loving mother, and equally sure on the other hand, that I'm too irresponsible for motherhood. But people with less sense and experience than me muddle through all the time, right?

Before we go too far down that path, however; let's talk about
The family Black. Now all these things I never knew make sense. I found out about Regulus, and Andromeda, and the ever-lovely Narcissa, and the villainous Bellatrix Lestrange. It makes some things in the rpg make more sense and others less sense. For instance, as I was just discussing with Tip, how is it possible that our Romi took the mark, when she married a muggle at a time when Voldemort was still gaining power. If he had that worthless Regulus Black killed for wanting his freedom (and not following orders), why would he have let Romi turn blood traitor?

But here's my favorite question of the chapter, why are they throwing all that stuff away. I can understand clearning out doxies, spiders and whatnot, but who gets rid of a wart powder? Clearly not everything in the study was harmful or dangerous. Why not pack some of it?
Kreature is precious. When my mom was here last week, she was taking about my grandmother cheating at Maaj Jong, but that she's too slow nowadays (she is in her 80s) and it's obvious when she sneaks a peak at an uptile before passing or tries to slip it into her hand instead of passing it. Poor Kreature.
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