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I'm not sure how much detail I'll go into in the dream, but I figure, I'll start, and we'll see.

So I get out of class and I'm at the English building of whatever place I'm apparently taking classes. I've finished my second class of the day, and the third is after lunch. So I grab a picnic table and unpack my small wok sized griddle. I pour some oil on it, turn it on at that funky dial control that griddles seem to have, and fry myself a very thin hamburger and, although i don't remember it, some onions.
One of my friends comes over and offers me a frozen dessert, as it is quite hot. At some point, a family comes over and is sharing the picnic table with me, and they are only important in that they show up. They really don't have anything to do with the story.
The frozen desserts in the huge BJs style multipacks that my friend offers me a choice of are: a mini ice cream sandwiich or a freezer pepsi. The Pepsi is packaged with a self contained freezing unit. You turn it on, and it "bubbles" the pepsi, carbonating and cooling it. You keep it on, and it turns your pepsi into pepsi slush and maintains that state, or maybe it's a second setting. It looked amazingly cool even for someone who didn't like Pepsi. So I asked, why I couldn't have both, figuring I'd eat the ice cream sandwich before the hamburger and that would solve that. But she was insistant that I could only have one so I took the Pepsi and fumed. After all I do for her, how dare she, blah, blah, but I didn't say anything, but when she asked me when I'd be willing to lend her the course notes we agreed on, I was all, well, I haven't had a chance to review them and I still need them. I felt like it was obvious I was hurt, but I was unrelenting, "well you can get them from the library or the professor or something. You don't need mine."
"But I was counting on yours?"
"Well, I'm still using them. And when I'm done, hoppie needs them."
So she allowed as she would look for somewhere else to get them and took some onion that had been left on the griddle. I'm like, "I forgot to turn the oil off." Then I turned the oil off and aked, "Didn't that hurt?" Well apparently not. She ate the onion bits and wandered off. I cleared off the table leaving it to the family that had shown up at some point and went hunting for my locker to lock the griddle up.
It took me forever to find the locker. I finally had to ask a professor who was in the library if he knew where it is. Senior lockers were downstairs and I tried a few of them that seemed like they were in the right place (and they opened, but weren't mine. Apparently I'm a goddess with a combination lock in this dream). My locker was finally located upstairs. I eventually realized that the combination I was dialing wasn't my locker combination at all, but my ATM pincode, so I had no idea what the combination was, but when I got there, there was a tag on the locker idenfiying it as mine and containing the combination. Brilliant, eh? So I opened the locker, put stuff in it, took the tag off and made a notation of where the locker was and how to get it to it in my palm.

It went straight into the next dream, I think,
I went downstairs and suddenly I was in a mall. I was waiting for people to finish up, so I was pacing about, I don't remember what I was waiting for, but I do remember there was a Superhero collectable store set up like a jewelry store that had gone out of business, but still had watches and rings in display cases and the door to the shop was open. I was thinking that was risky, but I figured they were alarmed, so I didn't try to go in.
Eventually I ended up sitting around a computer with Christina who was having a miserable trying to use this UI our blessed programmers had developed. I entered a bug against the UI and went to my meeting. Christina and Jill came with me. The meeting was actually a departmental meaning, which is funny for other reaasons and during the course of the meeting, Christina turned into a raving drunk. We were discussing issues and functions and UI design when Christina whispered in my ear about the UI design problem she'd encountered. I asked her to tell flip-flop boss about it, but she was only whispering at the point, so I ended up repeating what she'd said. The cancel/accept dialog box opened behind the window that you set the settings you were accepting or cancelling. You couldn't see it without moving the window. So flip-flop boss asked what steps we were taking and I told her we put a bug against the product and for EPM, we were basing everything off Bruce's Behavioral Spec, and Bruce and I talked about that for a few minutes. Then Jill and Christina and I decided to go to lunch, but they headed the opposite way in the mall than I was expecting. "Where are we going?" I asked?
"Oh" Jill said exasperated, "I have to get the keys from the other girl before she gets off dayshift."
So we saw her by one of the mall entrances and she seemed delighted to see us but after the initial greeting switched entirely to Korean. Finally we got away.

And as last night was particularly active,

I was applying for a job as a policeman and the last hurdle was the protect and defend. They had you hold onto a book and resist attack to keep the book safe. (yeah, yeah, I know. Bogus.)
So I walked into the interview room and had my back to the hotty police seargant conducting the interview, and my side to the viewing window where everyone else was watching. He handed me the book (I didn't know it was going to be a book until he handed it to me) and told me to defend it against all comers. I cradled the book and waited for the attack. Meanwhile, I was reading the book titles on the wall opposite the viewing window. Then he attacked. And I defended and his attack included punches, kicks, and him licking my neck. (booted him in the head for that one. We talked about it later and he said that it isn't sexual descrimination as he licks everyone and it's usually more distracting for guys as girls are used to fending off unwanted sexual attacks.) Anyway, we were both nicely damaged when the test was declared done and he introduced me to the team. One of the girls was a newhire who'd been tested yesterday and she showed me her bruises, except that they weren't bruises, they were surgical stitching and there was something moving around inside her.
I'm like "Call 911 and get an amubulance!" No one seemed to know how to do that, so I called 911 which was apparently a direct line to the police station beccause it started ringing in the office. I hung up and asked the chief how to call an ambulance and he only said they wouldn't come to us because we were on the wrong side of the road.
I'm like, "If you don't call an ambulance for , I'm going to complain to the labour board!"
And he drawed, "In person?" showing he clearly didn't care or think it would be a problem. Damn officials always stick together!
So finally I just told her were going to the hospital now. I would drive her. And she's like, "but our jobs!"
And I said, "You are sick, you when they fix you, you can just tell them that, and bring a note, and at this point, I'm clearly not going to get hired anyway." (as I have just threatened my new boss with a labour complaint.)
I should note, I was still clutching the pink book.
And then I woke up.
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