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More on the subject of vacation time

Me: solies, when you're free, I need you be a math major for me.
Time passes.
Solies: chatters to other people, eventually works his way around to me. Stands there looking at me.
Me: Have you come to be mathly?
Solies: Yes. Yes, I have.
Me: Have a seat. (Solies sits) If the slope of vacation time accrues at a constant rate multiplied by pi R squared, and I already have a smidgeon of boysenberry, can I go home for a week?
Solies: How big of a smidgeon?
Me: See for yourself!
Solies: It's a very uneven smidgeon...
Me: Are you saying you can't do it?
Solies: Sheesh, you're impatient! Just give me a minute...(busily calculating)
Time passes.
Solies: Yes, you can go home for a week and a half, minus 10 minutes!
Me: quizzical look
Solies: It's your 10 minutes don't look at me.
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