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A stellar week for marital communication

I must try to remember this week when hoppie explains how I don't know how to compromise.

  • He has all the vacation time and no need for it, but he wants to go barbeque with Rocker so I'm expected to leave work to cover the house if Jordan's people aren't here by then. And I know how it works, they'll come at 10:40, just after hoppie's called me and they'll all be gone before I get here.

  • He doesn't want to be out of town on his birthday. For no reason I can comprehend.

That's really it. It just feels huge right now. Oh, and we're watching what he wants to watch. I know he let me watch Dangermouse this weekend, and I'm greatful that I wasn't restricted to whatever TiVo demands that we watch, but why is it that I can't finish The Manchurian Candidate but he can watch Black Adder
Tril, maybe we should go out and have delicious healthy fruit juices and talk about why cucumbers are....
Tags: hoppie, rant

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