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Speaking of updates

I forgot to mention the Mortar and Pestal test.
The Japanese mortar and pestal were significantly easier to use on the mustard. It took the application of alot less force to grind the mustard and it went much faster. The downside was, the mustard seeds kept jumping out of the mortar.
Grinding peppercorns in the mortar, however was unimpressive. The whole peppercorns were strongly resistant to the pestal and kept getting lodged in the nooks of the mortar. It's worth noting that peppercorns are larger than mustard, and, I think, harder.
So, my initial results show good for mustard. Bad for pepper.

I'm still thinking about anjillmarie's question of yesterday. Are we all fifth business, advancing the plot without being of the plot, providing some critical action or piece of information that advances the plot?
I'll include the definition of fifth business here: Those roles which, being neither those of Hero nor Heroine, Confidante or Villain, but which were nonetheless essential to bring about the Recognition or the denouement, were called the Fifth Business in drama and opera companies organized according to the old style; the player who acted these parts was often referred to as Fifth Business.--Tho. Overskou, Den Danske Skueplads
It seems to me that this plays into what Angela and I were talking about a year ago with Edmund and Frank: minor character: fifth business in other people's stories, but stars of their own. Being fifth business doesn't negate ego, though. Fifth business may or may not be impacted by what comes next, but they do have motivation for their actions.
We made some assumptions about the book club book based on what the author set us up to believe, but is Dunny really Fifth Business in the affair of Boy? As I think about it, he's really the confidante of our villain, as much as anyone is, when our villain allows confidences. I don't think it's possible for one person to be Fifth Business in all things, because life isn't about single-threaded relationships. We're all connected in a matrix that links us one to the other.
Humans are described as diamonds, the many facets revealing different faces to the viewers who see at different depths. The jeweler with his glass can see to the cloudy imperfections, but not everyone can, but he may be unable to appreciate the beauty of the diamond even with it's flaws. I know I'm different things to different people on different days, but to myself, I'm always the star. Am I? It's a constant struggle to reorient the universe around myself, and also to stop myself from doing it. I want, I need to be the center of attention, to receive the right kind of attention, but also to keep the attention off me, to work things in the background. To be untouched and untouchable.
How can you reconcile self with self-image?
How can you be the center of your universe and yet remain detached from it?
My total perspective vortex shows me at the center and you ranging away from me like spokes on a wheel. Strong lines for my supporting characters, my villains, my confidants, and weaker ones for my fifth business.
How are you advancing my plot?
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