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Familiar rants

Please don't bring me into the middle of your "must be better than everyone else" complex. Yes, I do sometimes have problems not being competitive, but in the main, I do a good job weeding that level of competitiveness out of my system.
Repeat after me:
I am fine the way I am.
I don't have to be better than you.
I can be just as good.
We can both be good.
It's alright.

I miss tan M&Ms. Why would they keep brown and dump tan? What's wrong with tan? Tan was always my favorite. Blue bites the wax tadpole.
While we're on that subject I miss the pontoon boat in Battleship and the Making Bacon position I've never even heard of it in Pigmania, which isn't called that anymore.
I miss Pit coming with a bell.
As cool as the new toys are, I miss the old ones.
Long live the Playmakers.
I'm nearly halfway caught up on Diesel Sweeties.
That's probably my major accomplishment of the week.

I had a great story yesterday about documentation saving the day, but today whenever I write it up, it's not funny. I hate that. For 10 minutes, I was genius in my own mind. Why can't I recapture it. Perfection, why do you elude me now!

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