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We were at my parents house. All of us. Me and my 80 closest friends. There was some sort of convention or party at my parents house over the weekend, and it was now Sunday, the last day. I was in my mother's bathroom brushing my teeth at her sink. Hoppie and another friend were standing next to me. Other friend was talking about he wished there were more DVDs out there to buy because there was nothing interesting out there. I was leaned over the sink to spit out the stuff in my mouth and I mimicked him wordlessly, just repeating subvocally (very quickly and with appropriate head jerks) "there are no interesting dvd's out." So he hit the back of my head and complained that I'd insulted him. I came up fighting mad.
"First of all, " I said, "next time you want to hit me while I'm underwater, you'd better make sure there's enough of it that I drown. Third of all, I mean, Second of all. There are tons of interesting DVDs out there, you just can't see them. You're the kind of person who looks at my DVD collection (I point to our DVD collection, inexplicably in my mother's bedroom arranged as it was our great room) and complains, "There's nothing to watch!" Then I storm out, looking for Lori. I'm originally thinking I can call her, but damnit, I know she's somewhere in the house. I finally find her in the kitchen and explain that I just lost my temper and left hoppie to deal with it. We went down into the basement to talk, but Lori was consumed with doing some faxing (or photocopying) she needed done. So I say, you know I've got a photocopier in my bedroom. And she tells me it's at her father's house. "My photocopier? Why?" I ask.
And she tells me that no one was using it here, and she needed it so she took it over to her dad's but I can go with her and tell her what happened on the way.
Well, I'm not really happy about that. I check my watch and figure if we stall long enough, we can hit LJS on the way home. "If I can, can we stop at Long John Silver's?"
"Of course"
"Well, okay then."
So I head off to find my shoes which are somewhere in the house, I think upstairs, but I check the kitchen first, as I'm headed up, I see a bunch of coming down the stairs, including the friend I just had the fight with. I decide to rearrange priorities and go to the bathroom before finding the shoes, rather than after and duck into said bathroom. I lock the door, but that apparently doesn't help as the lock doesn't hold and I'm forced to hold the door shut as people push on it. The first of them is someone i went to high school and then she gives way to the friend with whom I had the fight. Finally I give up an open the door.
"You think I'm cheap, don't you."
well, that too "No, I don't think you posses the ability to be happy. You're always looking for something better than what you have. You don't ever enjoy the moment. You're always looking for something to be upset about, even where nothing exists."
And then I woke up.

Saturday night:
There was a lot going on before what I can remember, including the unmasking of the traitor within who was trying to bring down the clandestine government organization to which I belonged, but what I remember starts when Duncan introduces me to the SheSpies. Of course I've heard of them. I introduce myself an an accountant with the organization, but at that moment my boss walks up and tells me she needs me back on switchboard. Switchboard isn't answering phones like a secretary, it's dispatching and monitoring agents (I am quick to assure people.) We talk for a moment about one of our dispatchers who hasn't shown us and I think is sick, and I need to reoganize the schedule, stop covering for the accountant who is also out, and get back to my old job.
And I say, "You need me back flying my comconsole?" for which I am entirely to this dream for giving me the opportunity to say.
The spies and Duncan are up for seeing the com room so we head off that way, although I get lost and end up in the cafeteria, because I'm on the wrong floor. I don't know if we ever there because there's a report of our guy being spotted at the bank. (and I'm sure my department was responsible.) A bunch of us get on a bus and go pick him up.
Duncan is sitting in the seat next to me and he stands up to make an announcement. For some reason he's wearing no shirt and as he keep turning around to see whether our villain is heading towards us, I can see that his shorts keep drooping in back, revealing his underwear. Cassie and DeeDee comment on it, and Duncan picks up his shorts claiming that the only one allowed to notice his underwear is me and he kisses me. (Dream me is surprised and thrilled because I always thought he had a thing for DeeDee, but I've always had a thing for geeks. Ask me more on anima later. Duncan is clearly mine in this dream.)
Our villain gets on the bus, cleverly painted as a bank shuttle bus (why a bank has a shuttle bus is a whole nother question) and we send him to the back of the bus where he starts yelling. Shane is back there with him, and I'm hoping she'll beat the crap out of him.
"Boss?" Cassie asks me.
"Dotted line report." I say grimly.
"Ohhhhhhh." she nods comprehendingly.

Later Saturday night:
I remember being a "mock" king with big robes. Reading the story of Queen Esther. A long discussion on Kings and doors, that kings have to have doors made especially wide for them to get through with their robes. (This must have been very important, but I swear I had this conversation with 3 different people in the dream.)
There was also this part where a guy and I were singing a song together and we both smoothly (and somewhat mindlessly) transitioned from English to Hebrew 2 lines through the song. And we kept trying to say in English, but we just couldn't. By line 2, we'd forgotten we were trying to stay in English and switched back to Hebrew.
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