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My mom tells me that my cousin is back in Israel. He got in with a bad crowd in PA, drugs and suchlike, and for his own good, they've put him in a boarding school in Israel until he goes into the army. Afterwards, he'll be an adult and hopefully one with his head screwed on straight.
Sounds like what's going on with Joan's son too.
Is it a thing?
I've never had any bad feeling towards adoption generally, and in particular towards adopted older sons,and I know that two cases does not a statistic make, but....
I feel small and scared. I wonder what I could have done to help. What more can you provide for your children than love and stability? My brother and I both went through wild periods growing up. Me as a preteen, him as a teen, and we grew out of it. Is that all this is?

Alot of conflicting thoughts in my head this weekend, most of them not particuarly pleasant. I need to make a special effort to treat myself well this week and learn to take my relaxing moments where I can get them. Birthday parties all weekend coming up. But hoppie is coming with me to parents house, so that's good news.

IHNJH IJLS hypocrisy's fine so long as it's mine.
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