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Email from the sexy cowboy has prompted me to write up a dream I had last night, but after I got the stage set to describe the dream, I find I just can't bring myself to write about it. It had a showering VP/Patrick Warburton. I feel like a sleezy voyure just thinking about it. Which I will stop doing immediately.

I'd forgotten just how depressed eeyore can be when he depressed. His general tone is so downbeat, I forget how dramatically it drops when he's actually depressed about something. This has "long day" written all over it.

Of all the things I haven't accomplished this week, the one thing I did was get paper for hoppie. At least that.
Here's the list of things that still require accomplishing:
  • Get tickets for RH

  • Make an appointment to give blood

  • Go through the photo albums to prepare an album for MeeMaw and hoppie's parents

  • Find the vouchers

  • Finish the letter to Aunt Estelle and write one to Aunt Diane

  • Buy presents for Tim and Christina

  • Find out when Christina's party is (knocked that one off. 6:00)

  • ....there's more, but I can't remember. But hopefully doing this will help.
Tags: chores, dream, friends

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