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My mother is incapable of sending email to the same email address for me twice in a row. Every couple of days she sends me a bunch of jokes: some to work email, and some to I can't figure out when she uses one over the other, or why she uses both. If she sent a batch to one email address and then a batch to the other, I would maybe understand that, but when she sends me four mails total, two to each place, and they're different, what's up with that?

I can't help it. When my work is praised, I glow. I don't want to glow. I don't mean to glow. It's like Julia and the breasts, "They just do that." So when Supremely Awesome Project Manager dude (yes, I know I need a better name for him. I should just call him "Fred") says, "Did everyone see Marci's drawings. They're very useful and I think it's not even wasted time because that second one will be in the final product. (It will too. I designed it with that in mind. I'll probably use it three or four different times, breaking out different segments to illustrate different systems.)" I glowed. I tried so hard not to, but I could feel the glow. Some days I feel like a plant. I'll turn towards wherever the sunlight is coming from. Maybe it's time I created a little of my own sunlight for me to grow by.

I'm synchronized with the universe. People come up to me and ask a simple question and I know what they intend to do with the information.
Blinky: What does random TLA stand for?
Me: random Three Letter Acronym, do you want company to see the clearcase manager?
Blinky: (who has a bit of the skill himself) If you'd like to come, sure!
Sample 2:
Robert: Is Hopkins your maiden name?
Me: No, married. Yesowitch is my maiden name. Are you assigning me work from the resource pool?
Me: Feh. I hate it when that happens.
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