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Searching for my soul

So I have spent most of the day cleaning, but haven't found the tickets yet. It's so strange. I'm not normally prone to loosing things (hoppie snorts inelegantly at that, but it's true!). Yet this is second such thing I have lost this year. It's very distressing. Anyway, the cleaning is getting done nicely. It is significantly more cathartic than I would have expected. Except I think I just broke my toe. I'm icing it, and the pain has sunk back from "sit down, before you faint" levels. Frailty, thy name is woman!
I've decided to take this opportunity to upload pictures from....well, lots of things.
While that's going on, hoppie just told me his boss is encouraging him to take the whole week off to stay with me if he wants. I'm thinking maybe this might be the time we can actually get to the Colin Quinn show. That thrills me. I'd love to see it live.
The two sets of pictures that are up are:
Heather July 25
and Heather August 1st.
Coming up are:
Christina's birthday
Timothy's birthday
and our visit with mrsjtn, jtn, doornail, kyzoku, Simon and Molly.
(which was great fun!)
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