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Jan and the Conclusive Proof

I'm cross-checking the PDF file of the Object Reference for errors. I have reached page 4 when I see Jan in my rear-view mirror
Me: Hello, Jan.
Jan: That is exactly what I wanted you to look at!
Me: The The Object Reference?
Jan: That is the Database Reference.
Me: No it's...(checks the TOC), oh, so it is.
(Work commenses. It's boring. He found an error.)
Me: It'll be fixed in the next version. That's like going out next week or something.
Jan: Well, it's not that....
Me: Doesn't matter. We pride ourself on speedy, friendly service.
Jan: Well, one out of two is not bad.
Me: Pretty good considering the raw material.
----Conclusive Proof------
Irv: Is it time?
Me: I think it is.
Irv picks up the open air, origami box that used to hold my pistachios and extracts a lone pistachio nut
Irv: Now the question is "which is better. The box or or the jar?"
Me: Prepare thyself!
Irv: (eats the pistachio) Tasty. (Opens the jar, extracts and consumes a sole pistachio) The jar is better.
Me: (Taking notes furiously on a clipboard, noting every reaction.) No hesitation?
Irv: No question. The jar is definitely better.
Me: It's conclusive proof of our (me and solies) theory!
Irv: It is conclusively proved in so far as we are scientifically able with a representative sample of one.
Me: Hurray! It's proved!

5 words that describe you:


5 web sites you visit daily:

Frank's journal
Harlequin Romances: Online Reads Page
Scary Go Round
Sluggy Freelance

5 CDs you're listening to:
Christina Millian It's About Time
Meatloaf Back Into Hell
Pet Shop Boys Actually
Dr. Demento's Hits from Outer Space
Bowling For Soup Too Drunk to Dance

5 favorite books at the moment:

Clarissa by Samuel Richardson
Justine by the Marquis deSade
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas
Live and Let Die Ian Flemming
You Only Live Twice Ian Flemming

5 games you like to play:

Pass the Pigs
Empire Builder
The Settlers of Catan
Bounce Out (Palm games count, right?)

5 random facts about you:

  • I have trouble thinking of ways to describe myself. I had to bring in consulting help.

  • I have a terrible temper when I'm in pain.

  • I hate explaining things I think people should already know.

  • I hate being so far from Nat, and I miss him terribly, but I don't want my brother and sister-in-law to think I keep in touch with them only to talk to my nephew, so I don't call.

  • My favorite colors are pink, green and black.

5 words or phrases you always use:

Once I got into it, I couldn't choose, so 6.
that's like the opposite of...
heh heh heh
Your kung-fu is best.
It's all good.
always a pleasure

5 favorite articles of clothing/accessories:
pink shirt
engagement ring
bracelet from my cousin
anniversary earrings
Harry Potter watch

5 favorite movies:
Bull Durham
9 to 5
Office Space
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Raiders of the Lost Ark

5 things you are obsessed with at the moment:
Sean Bean
management structures

5 hobbies of yours:

rithmatic? heh heh heh. No. How about global thermonuclear war. No, no. latchhook
bargain hunting
Using my Palm

5 favourite foods:
I'm a New Englander now, #1 must be ice cream!
maki rolls
barbeque chips
derby pie

Is it egoism to see the reflections of myself in other people.
I look at someone and think: "Without the support I get from my friends and family, that would be me." or "Without checks and balances on my ego, that would be me." And I derive? What exactly, I don't know. I just know I could be alot worse in so many directions, and yet I'm attracted to the elements of myself I see in others.
Friendship? Or the purest narcissism?
Can you ever really be sure?
You can make blood doner appointments online. I'm a happy woman. *drinks more water*
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