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Boris does not giggle: Part II (The "heh heh heh" years)

So we're at lunch and we get into the story of Boris does not giggle: talking specifically about how I apparently always giggle. And we pick up our story there:
JumJill: That's right she does!
Solies laughs at this, a giggle "tee hee hee" laugh and his laugh makes JumJill laugh.
JumJill: I just can't help it. That's the funnest laugh."
Me: It's his manly giggle.
JumJill: What's his feminine giggle sound like?
Solies: Heh heh heh.
JumJill: Just like Marci!
Me: Damnit! Please tell me he put you up to saying that.
JumJill: You say that all the time. Sometimes you rub your hands together evilly while you laugh.
Irv: It's like you ask her, "What are you plans for the evening? And she says (rubbing his hands together) I am going to take over the world. HEH HEH HEH."
JumJill: Exactly!

So I'm working on a Harry Potter fanfic. I'll post it after I've completed chapter III, but just to get the account going, I've posted that story fragment I posted here ages ago, Insane Frank.
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