awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

The strongest impression I took away from my dreams was being stranded on a wooden ship with an elevator and high tech gadgetry. It was more like a spaceship than a ship, but it was surrounded by water. We'd seen it before it was on fire, but after we got dumped there somehow by the ship that wasn't on fire, we didn't bother going back to the control room. I touched the door of the elevator and it was hot.

And in another dream or part of a dream, we were sitting around in an unfamiliar living room and hoppie's parents were teasing me for picking a restaurant without a full bar. Especially since I got back craving a drink.

In real life, all I did was go grocery shopping, but I found the neatest thing. Post It(R) Flag pens BJ's had a set of 4 for 10$.
Tags: crafts, dream

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