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Me: In order for this modify script procedure to make sense, I would have had to document the script.
Ann: You don't?
Solies: You don't?
Me: Well, I did once, I pulled it.
Ann: Why would you do a horrible thing like that?
Solies: You're making people type the actual command? Bah.
Ann: Farts!
Me: (Checks through the source code) See! There it is. Pulled 11/03 in response to Jan's comments.
Locating Jan, I drop the old documentation on him and the new documentation.
Me: You told me to change it. Now people want me to change it back. You look at these and tell me what to do. And I already know that the .sh script is a ksh script, not a bourne shell one.
Solies AHA! I found it! It changed in January of 03 from a bourne shell script to a korn shell script.
Me Why?
Solies: Doesn't say. And there's nothing in the code that required a change. But I found it!
Jan: It's only sample. No one could use it. It must be customized per system! It only runs one instance, for example, no one would ever run just one!
SAPMD Don't we tell people how to customize it?
Me: Well, we could....
SAPMD Make it so. And you (to Jan) modify the script to start multiple instances so we can show people what that looks like.
Jan: (with barely contained glee)So, eh, Marci, can you tell me, can you tell me, why we say that this eh, reason code, eh, situation, is provided for legacy support and these, um, reason code, groups are provided and what we say about them?
Me: What does Wei say?
Jan: He's coming over here to yell at you about it.
Me: I know what this is about.
Jan: No, no, the documentation is actually wrong. I would never bear a grudge against you for making me rewrite the stupid script that I never liked in the first place but somehow got stuck maintaining! Really! I'm not deliberately forcing you to reopen the only book in the docset that you've actually managed to close. (giggling behind his hands)
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