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The girl thang

anjillmarie and I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday for her birthday. (Don't ask why I got one for her birthday, I just did.) It was wonderful. They put us in the massage chairs with the whirlpool tubs for our feet. I felt sooooooo relaxed. I actually tried blue nailpolishes and I think they look good on me. I don't normally stray from pinks and purples, but I was feeling adventureous.
Went to Pho for lunch with The Usual Suspects. We ran into Warren who shows up in the blog from time to time. He was the guy who had my office before I did. I should have told him I upgraded the decor with a refridgimator.
Afterwards solies and I went to Annie's to check the latest crop of book. She had an Alan Sherman album so I made her play "One Hippopotomi" for Solies. On the way back, Solies and I planned a choose your own adventure romance.

A female school teacher (because all guys have a thing for schoolteachers. It just is.) has to choose the perfect man. Who will she choose?

Lord Clarendon (Charles Bronson Easterly Carterhaugh the VIth). The Earl of Clarendon, Charles Bronson Easterly Carterhaugh has a problem: he must wed within the month or lose his title and his lands. It shouldn't be a problem for this handsome, rich, dashing young Lord, but he will only have a woman of impeachable virtue and honor who loves him only for himself.

Sven Björnssen. This viking warrior has conquered and tamed many woman, but he has never felt the chains of love until he meets the cool schoolmarm. Her educated wit and charm and matchless beauty leave him as tempest-tossed, but will she return his love?

Wind-Rider. This handsome Cherokee brave is cut off from his people, a spirit adrift in a harsh world that has always looked down on him. In the lovely school mistress he finds the promise of love, acceptance, and family. How can he incline her heart to him and bind her spirit to his forever?

Desmond Ingalls. Desmond has never taken his eyes off his computer screen long enough to notice there was another gender, but now that his software company has expanded to the point where he is no longer needed for day to day operations, he find himself at loose ends, and wondering what does his future hold? Can a millionaire geek find a woman to appreciate him for himself?

Lucas (Buck) Williamson. Buck has always ridden himself as hard as his horses, but he had to in order to make the ranch he inheritated from his parents a success. Orphaned at 15, Buck was left in the care of his uncle who bled the ranch for every dime and left him with vastly reduced livestock and a house in disrepair. Now Buck has rebuilt the Triple W and is ready for his next challenge: finding a woman to bear and raise his children, but maybe somewhere in Buck's busy life, there's time for love.

Sir Aiden Morgan. Aiden has always kept his head down and his sword focused on his next quest, never needing or wanting the distraction of a lady faire, until he saw her. From the moment they first bandied wits, Aiden knew his life would never again be complete without the love of his sweet, savage, school mistress.

Peter (Sully) Sullivan. A Dorchester man, born and bred, Sully has been working in construction since the time he was old enough to hold a hammer. As a fifth-generation born into construction working, he's known since infancy this was what he was born to do, and he's never questioned it, until he sees the beautiful school teacher. Will a plain construction worker be enough to make her happy, or will Sully have to sacrifice everything he is to win the heart of the only woman he can ever love.

Philandros Spiridon (Phil) Takisopolous. Tycoon Phil Takisopolus has spent his entire life making money for himself and other people as a top commodities broker operating out of homeland, Greece. Now he's touring the world on his yacht for a much needed vacation. He's visiting an old school friend and his wife, when he encounters a lively school teacher who breathes new life in everyone around. Can he convince her that underneath his conversative suit lies a heart worth exploring?

Mirka Barin; Lord Regent of Kaltarin. Barin is a guy who's out of this world, literally. He was on a mission from his father, Mirka Trenan, the Emperor of Kaltarin, to negotiate a peace treaty with a neighboring star cluster when a spacial anomoly has thrown him into a different galaxy. He makes an emergency landing on the only planet capable of supporting life, but his ship is damaged and the planetary authorities are looking for him. His only hope is to get his ship fixed quickly and find a way back to his own space, or the war threatening his galaxy could become a grim reality. Barin doesn't need a woman to warm his heart or bring color to his solitairy life, he has an arranged marriage waiting for him back home. He just needs help to locate the materials he needs to get home, but when he does, can he live a life without his space mistress?

Michael Stephen (Mike) Warrington. Mike has always been "just one of the guys." He's made a living by blending in. It's what makes him such a successful FBI agent. He's on the trail of what the Bureau is calling an "unexplained phenonmenon" and he's sure the school mistress knows more than she's telling. Because of his perfected, low-key persona, she barely even notices he keeps showing up in strange places and has no idea he's following her trail. Normally, Mike would be cheered by this, but he can't help wondering, just this once, what would it be like if she really did notice him.

Karim Al Ajouz. Karim has fled his homeland and his his parents legacy of corruption to find himself. Living on a trust fund set up by his parents, he settles down to a job teaching high school science in a small city school. After a year, he finally relaxed, comfortable in the knowledge that his family has given him up. He begins to take part in the school activities, even volunteering to help coach the debate team. This throws him in with the beautiful English teacher across the hall, who's violet eyes have captivated him from the moment he saw her. He finally feels like has a chance at life, when the call comes from his sister. His older brother is dead and he must return home to be the proper son, or his parents will send someone to bring him back. Can the budding love for the school teacher survive in a man who's caught between two worlds?

Douglas "Mouse" Moskowitz. Last year, Doug had his life perfectly mapped out: 2 years of playing the field to build his reputation followed by marriage to a compliant homemaker and a rewarding career in the major leagues. Now, having just missed on the Golden Glove voting, he's got to work to come back from a hamstring injury that could end his career. How can he possibly have time for love?

Then we worked on Truely, Madly Viking: The Next Act. Solies found a solution to blinkymadison's problem. Contract out the viking dialogue.
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