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chatty vignettes

solies Well, everyone in the meeting agreed that I should have a raise.
Me: but there were no managers there?
Solies: Actually there was no one but me.
Me: Well come do a puzzle and feel better.
RECW: Is Qfoo Advanced running anywhere?
Solies: define anywhere.
REWC: Anywhere I can get to.
Solies: Yes.
REWC wanders off
QAMgr: How come no one went to my meeting. Oooooh, candy!
Solies: Hey! I went!
QAMgr: Okay, so I was late. Who else do we need?
Me: lain_mac.
QAMrg: Do we? I don't know.
Me: What are you talking about?
QAMgr: Lanna's project.
Me: Then you probably need her.
QAMgr wanders off. QAMgr returns with RECW.
QAMgr: We have a room reserved but maybe we don't want to meet there?
Discussion of the project begins....and continues....
Solies: (privately to me) Get Lanna.
Me: (via AIM) Your presence is requested and required outside my cube
Lanna: I'm there. Lanna shows up. What's up?
Me: This is the Random Project meeting.
RECW: The new location of which is outside Marci's cube. For no particular reason.

The phone rings. Ring. Ring.
Me: Hello.
Caller (obviously a young girl): May I speak to your mother or father?
Me: I think I am "your mother or father."
Caller: Huh! hangs up.
Me: Hrm. That probably came out wrong.
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