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More work than it's worth

What Marquis de Sade Book are you? by Scarletrockstar
Book:Philosophy in the Bedroom
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Going through the friends on my friend's list. A line or two of what I think of when I see their usernames: (sadly many of these are goofy because of the whole free association thing. Also, I can't really promise to be interesting or profound. Attributions exist where I can remember them.)
_eric_m: I liked fetusx better. Sadly All _eric_m makes me think of is my cousin. Which is interesting only because I don't have a cousin eric, although I do have a cousin-in-law eric.
aaronbenedict: I think "traitor" The combination of Aaron (Burr) and Benedict (Arnold) just does something for me.
anjillmarie: JumJill/"Earth Angel. Earth Angel. Will you be mine?"
apulo: bezoar. For some reason Tony has always reminded me of Mark. So now think of one, think of both. Sorry Tony.
archon: archfiend...supervillain extrodinaire.
asenathwaite99: demoness/"And there's a message that I'm sending out like a telegraph to your soul."
bakenjulie: "Girl, you look good, need to back that azz up." (
bardess: "And if you're beautiful, what then? With yellow hair, like wheat." (Stephen Sondheim)
blinky_madison: for some reason this always cues the Get Smart theme music.
breathren4luck: "I am searching for my brethren" (Et Achi Anochi Mivakesh) (Bible)
bsheppard: 2 sheppard 2 B 4gotten.
callie_girl "Callie Girl, won't you come over tonight..." (Bobby Brown)
caustickisses: makes me think of flavored lip gloss.
cbongo: chrispy.
centaur_genius: geek.
ciderandrum: "There's many that feign enjoyment from merciless employment/Their ambition was this deployment from the minute they left the schools/And they save and scrape ponder while the rest go out and squander/See the world and rove and wander and are happier as a rule." (Silly Wizard)/"There's a little ditty they're singing in the city especially when they've been on the gin or the beer/If you've got the patience, your own imaginations will tell you just exactly what you want to hear" (Lionel Bart)
ckd: cicada. I know it's ridiculous, but that's what I thought of when I first saw it, and I still think of it now.
comstud: "And you may ask yourself, 'My god! What have I done?'" (Talking Heads)
cos: Erica.
deinonchi: rice cakes.
deviant: ci divant aristo.
driz: nasal spray. (I didn't say it made sense.)
elyciel: mental image of a tall angel with large wings and a double edged ax.
enderwiggin: fart in space suit.
filkergem: Truely outrageous.
flight66: cats.
fraggle42: In my mind I hear Junior Gorg screaming "FRAGGLES!"
funguscigars: Orange Junius.
hereticorp: a metal image of a door closing with an evil chuckle coming from behind the door.
hoppie: hoppie no bunny.
hubbit: When the red, red rubbit goes hub hub hubbit along.
jdmiller: Canadian with a cowboy hat.
jon2: mmm, wine.
joshfree: a picket sign.
kailara:a jewel encrused gold urn.
kayranord: fnord.
kyzoku:demonic chip off the old block.
L_of_suburbia: Lawrence of Elainia.
lain_mac: fillet of fish.
lena_a_mermaid: Look! There in the sea! It's a garibaldi! It's a band-aid! No! A mermaid! Lena_a_mermaid!/Also, Lena Hyena from Roger Rabbit. "COME TO LENA!"
lensedqso: "Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow." (Rod Stewart)
liamstliam: Saint red sox.
liddle_joannie: KITTY!
lintasare: que sera sera
miserlies: "If I could turn a page in time then I'd rearrange just a day or two." (Fleetwood Mac)
mrsjtn: neffertiti
mskala: Ocala, FL.
phantomdan13: In the early days I dimly remember spooky laughter but now I hear, "The love that I needed is doing fine on her own./Could this be my deathbed?/Will I pass in the night?/'cause you're with another man,/Sleeping by candlelight."
plastic_venus82: "A plastic princess who doesn't think, that's what you want. Someone who'll have elegant little dinner parties and fuck whenever you feel like." from Smart Women by Judy Blume.
rasharmyr: rawr.
ronebofh: roan mare
roshov: a Russian villain
sataldajamal: a witch's cat.
sitpretty: High in the catbird's seat.
snagglepuss2: Exit. Stage left.
solies: "All my trials, Lord. Soon to be over."
sunshineyjen: "En guarde, M. Soliel!" (Addams Family movie)
tenebrous_bough: "Twas brillig and the slithy toves/Did gyre and gimble in the wabe..." (Lewis Carrol)/Also reminds me of a Sierra game called Torin's Passage, but I haven't been able to put my finger on why yet. Something about tenebrous...
tober: bent ober.
tommyelf: I want to be a dentist.
tpau: kablammo.
weezyl: It's a lucky thing she doesn't read this, because she'd been annoyed to find out that her nickname still makes me think "weezylbix"
xdice: exdee.
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