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Ivan, you idiot!

The Random Vorkosigan Fanfic Generator by minor_ramblings
Pen Name/Username
Favourite Vorkosigan Book
Planet of Residence
Pairing (If Desired)Miles Vorkosigan/Ekaterin Vorsoisson
SettingJackson's Whole
Random Object Used In PlotThe Vorkosigan's bag of Cetagandan scalps
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Lori and Leah got the CD. They haven't listened to it yet. Lori starts her new job Sept. 7th.
I was thinking of expanding my bio to include things like political leanings, sports affiliations, etc, but I figure it's pretty obvious and chances are no one here understands the mentality of a Southern Democrat which apparently is exactly like a Massachussets Republican (an oxymoron if ever there were one) except that we vote the opposite way on people.
But speaking of sports, I'm going to my first in-person football game tomorrow. Pats pre-season game. anjillmarie got tickets from one of our coworkers who has season tickets. He said she'd get first refusal on all his tickets for the rest of the season, which is lovely. I might be one of those psychotic idiots sitting in the bleachers wearing 6 blankets and completely covered in snow. I don't think I've been to a live football game since college and it was the Bearcats, which hardly counts (this is back when they still sucked. They got better after I graduated.).

If you can't handle a conversation with me, why do you think you can handle reading an author who's infinitely more clever? Prepare to drown.
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