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Yea! I'm hot again!

So Asia and I went to Hot Topic last night. Okay, it really is that cool. I got a Harry Potter watch for myself and a (guess what!) Tshirt for hoppie.

Me: (calling from HotTopic) There's a shirt that you'd really like, but it's too big for you. Do you want it?
Hoppie: Yes.
Me: (arriving at home): Here's the shirt I got you.
Hoppie: It's great, but it's a 2XL.
Me: Yes.
Hoppie: I wear an XL.
Me: Yes.
Hoppie: so....
Me: Do you remember me calling you up and saying I was looking at a shirt, but it was too big for you?
Hoppie: Well, yeah, but I didn't think you meant it would be a 2XL.
Me. ...

Also, I really like compressed air guns.
Also, they had bite sized chick-o-sticks at the drug store today. Anyone want some?
Tags: food, hoppie, shopping, thoughts
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