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6. writing (15) 16. sleeping (8)
7. cats (13) 17. fantasy (7)
8. computers (13) 18. candles (7)
9. singing (12) 19. science fiction (7)
10. anime (12) 20. sci-fi (7)
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So the fiction is doing quite well. I have to make some time to work on the next chapters. I've gotten a number of positive comments AND a posting to a "Ew! Ew! Mary Sue Dreck!" posting community. It's wicked cool. (If you want to read it, it's in my memories under "Writing"). The consensus seems to be that chapter 4 is going back to G/V so I have to figure out some way to make dinner interesting reading.
Hoppie is impressed that I'm willing to keep it going, but I did promise Lanna. So there you go.
I'm off labouring in Vermont today.

If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladymirrorblack
Head Cheerleadertommyelf
Prom Queencassie_o
Gang Memberjtn
Band Geekl_of_suburbia
Theatre Geekasenathwaite99
Chess Club Captainhereticorp
Loner Goth Kidmskala
Class Clowncaustickisses
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Well, some of them are right.
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