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September 8th, 2004

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02:40 pm - She said that I was scared to, she dared me!

I read that quote in the Herald this morning, and heard on the WBZ that the Bush campaign is already distancing themselves from VP Dick Cheney's remarks saying that the quote about how the wrong president in office will lead to more terror attacks is not, repeat not the same thing as saying that President John Kerry == 9/11 every day of the week.
Because having George W. Bush in office was such a deterrent? Remind me again who was president on 9/11/2001? Kerry? Clinton? Gore? Regan? John Quincy Adams? Oh, and I know all the counter arguments: 1) Bush is awake and active now! It won't happen again!! 2) We're so much safer now than we were? 3) It was a failure of the former administratration and the most compelling argument 4) One issue does not a campaign make. You have to look at the overall picture.
I don't necessarily deny any of these things (except maybe 2, I don't think we're safer, just more irritated.), but the little stupid things that Busy and Cheney say just keep adding up for me. And I know I'm not their target audience and I don't want to be. My vote was never up for grabs or particularly debateable, but I want to be able to believe in my president, even when I don't support him, and I don't. I don't think I'm glossing over major issues or ignoring Kerry's flaws, I just think that pound for pound, he's a better leader and a better choice.
The whole campaign actually reminds me of a passage in Gulliver's Travels.

This made me reflect upon the fair skins of our English Ladies, who appear so beautiful to us, only because they are of our own Size, and their Defects not to be seen but through a Magnifying-glass, where we find by Experiment that the smoothest and whitest Skins look rough and coarse, and ill coloured.
I Remember when I was at Lilliput, the Complexion of those diminutive People appeared to me the fairest in the World; and talking upon this Subject with a Person of Learning there, who was an intimate Friend of mine, he said that my Face appeared much fairer and smoother when he looked on me from the Ground, than it did upon a nearer View when I took him up in my Hand, and brought him close, which he confessed was at first a very shocking Sight. He said he could discover great Holes in my Skin; that the Stumps of my Beard were ten times stronger than the Bristles of a Boar, and my Complexion made up of several Colours altogether disagreeable:

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Date:September 9th, 2004 02:17 pm (UTC)

Mission Accomplished!

If I Were a Trek Captain... by Green_Jewel
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